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Do You Know Everything?

"You only know what you know" but that doesn't mean everyone else knows it! so why do we take that for granted?

I find it very interesting that people have such high expectations surrounding knowledge and what you are supposed to know.  Just because you know something does not mean that it is gospel and the whole world knows it.

A prime example today was seeing a link to an innocent question asking what the bumps on the letters F and J on a keyboard are and the ensuing comments, some of which were quite insulting  If you have ever learnt to type or know someone that has, you will already have this knowledge.  If you do not know; they are there so that you can find the 'home' keys.  Touch typists do not look at the keys because they know where all the letters on the keyboard are, by having the home keys distinguished by the 'bumps' means that they can find them everytime.

So why then does society feel the need to insult someone for asking such a relatively intuitive question?  In the scope of everything there will always be something we do not know and for a large proportion of the population they will sit in silence and play ignorant rather than admit they do not know and ask the question.

I applaud anyone that has at some point in their life stood up and asked a question, no matter how stupid or insignificant they may have felt it to be. I would rather ask and learn than be  shutout in silence.

Knowledge is power so why not ask to discover it?